About Cognitive Lrn&Shr ELearning Platform in India

Visit to know about Cognitive Lrn&Shr Platform. Lrn&Shr Platform offers services that include power-point presentations, self study material, learning activities in various languages.

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Enhance Learning by Sharing

Lrn&Shr is an inquisitive online learning platform. Today's dynamic digital World is flooded with information hence it is necessary to extract information to gain knowledge. Knowledge can be enhanced by sharing. This platform allows learners and knowledge seekers to share views/thoughts and contribute to the learner community. A learner needs to understand the theory and its practicality. As stated by David Kolb's learning life cycle; learning process includes four stages as mentioned in the given image (source-www.simplypsychology.org/learning-kolb.html).

Cognitive Lrn&Shr acknowledges and recognises the importance of Kolb's learning style. Thus the same approach has been adopted by Cognitive Lrn&Shr with an online model in an unstructured and free environment which ensures effective and efficient learning outcomes. The choice or preference of learning tools/activities is purely based on individual learner. These learning tools/activities are combined with cognitive approach that offers potential progress.

Dalai Lama expressed in one of the saying, "Share your knowledge, It is a way to achieve immortality." Therefore, Cognitive Lrn&Shr sets out a path to learner community to engage and gain intellectual knowledge.