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'Learning is the eye of the mind'.

Learning material

It includes presentations, videos, situation scenarios, ebooks. Learners can use these material resources independently for their knowledge and learning.

Mind games/activities

The motive of this category is to encourage learners to challenge their brain to achieve goals. It also helps to develop and widen the thinking ability.

Articles /research papers/casestudies

A multiband approach to give learners a real life context. Also improves decision making skills including testing, analyzing, forecasting and simulation of the scenarios / problems.


  • Management
    • Marketing Strategy

      Module : 1

      Description : The primary objective of this module is to acquaint learners about marketing strategies adopted by various global companies. Essentially to run any business we need a business plan. There are various aspects involved in business plan like finance, technology, operations and marketing. A successful business needs an effective marketing strategy.

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      Marketing Strategy - NPD

      Module : 2

      Description : New product development is a process in which a new product is created or modified with additional features. It is an important part of an organization for sustainable growth and profits. New product development process varies from organization to organization.

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      Financial Literacy 360 degree Endeavour for Learners

      Module : 1

      Description : Financial literacy helps to make person disciplined in personal and professional life. It also helps to develop an understanding of ethical and social responsibility. This module is structured in such a way that learners of all ages can understand and apply knowledge in their respective work area.

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      Module : 2

      Description : This module-2 aims to facilitate learners of all ages. It helps learners to understand financial terms with examples and also gives opportunity to apply knowledge by solving activities in the module.

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      Module : 3

      Description : This module explains the subject matter in user friendly language with a practical approach. It is a mix of theory, practical scenarios and videos. A set of questions and activities will help learners to test their understanding of the subject matter.

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      Module : 4

      Description : This module explains financial activities that an organization undertakes to achieve their economic goals and objectives. A set of questions and activities will help learners to test their understanding of the subject matter.

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      Module : Rate Cut

      Description : This module explains about the rate cut activity in the financial environment. Rate cut is a reduction in the rate of interest at which banks get money from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

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  • Engineering
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  • Language
    • Language Scripts

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  • Science/Technology
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  • Mathematics/Statistics
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  • Others
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