Lrn&Shr - A Global Platform for Global Learners

Lrn&Shr - Learning and Sharing Platform which offers learning content in different languages like German, French, Japanese, Spanish. Clrn&Shr is an inquisitive online learning / Elearning platform where learner develops their own understanding based on their experiences. LRN-SHR

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Why Lrn&Shr?

Lrn&Shr Elearning platform follows the constructive learning environment where learner develops their own understanding based on their experiences and live scenarios. Thus learning becomes meaningful when it blends with experiences and information. The purpose of this approach is to encourage learners to understand the nuances and gain knowledge. Our facilitator/s play a key role in the said process by undertaking evidence-led approach. It is helpful in enabling learning to happen. Learner community and knowledge seekers can adapt this approach for knowledge elevation, skill development and problem solving. This platform has been built to encourage learners and advocates the following objectives:

Establish unconventional and independent learning platform.

Enhance potential learning by interactive technology driven platform.

Enrich global learners and thinkers to share knowledge

Bring learners on the platform for skill development.

Develop activities to trigger the creative thinking.