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Exercise is one of the attributes of fitness. There are various exercises to harness mind and body fitness. Among them, riding bicycle is a good exercise for fitness and also associated with mental fitness. It has been found in various research studies that inactivity leads to serious health problems like cardiovascular disease, increases body fat, weakens body immunity etc. Hence one has to make exercise, a part of daily routine to avoid health issues.

A research published by Barcelona Institute confirms that riding bicycle in particular is one of the best way for a healthy mind and body. A large group of 8800 people from seven European cities were considered for the study. They were given car, motorbike, public transport, bicycle, electric bicycle and walking to use for commuting. Analysis found that bicycle riders showed healthiest physical symptoms as well as strong mental health as compare to others .

Another research study proved that riding bicycle gives many good results such as to regulate blood pressure, improve cholesterol, reduce heart disease, diabetes It is to be noted that pedaling bicycle helps to build strong brain structurally and functionally. Also it helps to sharpen thinking skills, become emotionally robust, enhance problem solving skills and judgmental capacity

Riding bicycle builds new brain cells which helps to retain memory. A research study stated that riding bicycle brings down stress hormones. At the same time rider becomes more creative and productive with positive attitude. Essentially, riding bicycle is considered as a physical exercise for fitness. But also manages emotions, controls stress level, lower the risk of developing Alzheimer disease. Alzhemier is a disease commonly found among middle aged people which causes dementia progressive loss of memory etc. According to psychologists at university of Bristol, riding bicycle regulates breathing, boosts happy hormones and helps to relieve stress.

“Boost the brain’s dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin levels — by riding bicycle”.

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