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Nov 2020

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

The COVID-19 global pandemic and ensuing lockdown has severely impacted the hospitality sector Worldwide. According to Forbes- Pandemic will cost the Tourism industry approximately $1 trillion in losses and threaten more than 100 million jobs Worldwide.

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

What is staycation?

It is a kind of vacation period where tourist travels to a nearby location (not too far) and spends time with family / friends. Travellers can enjoy and experience nature, tracking, rafting and various other activities.

According to Wikipedia : It is a period in which an individual or family stays at home and participates in leisure activities within a day trip distance of their home and does not require overnight accommodation. Common activities of a staycation include use of a backyard pool, visits to local parks, museums, local festivals and amusement parks.

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

In such a unprecedented scenario, hospitality businesses need to work on various new concepts to bring back business on platform. Staycation is one of the approaches, that can possibly provide business, as currently people may not plan for vacations in far-off destinations due to restrictions. Therefore hospitality businesses can offer various packages undertaking activities viz. cultural, sports, yoga, fitness and many more.

Hospitality businesses can plan for small groups keeping in view to maintain the social distancing and offer unconventional services to the customers.

Online searches for "staycation" grow after relaxation of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB):

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

Source : Jakarta Post

An Approach for survival : St. Regis Singapore Offers Staycation with Wardrobe >>>

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

Check-in to a hotel without the fuss of having to bring luggage:

- Hotel offers guests a Wardrobe Concierge, where the ready wardrobe will be waiting for you once you arrive.

- Upon booking your room, you will be able to select three styles for your staycation from Style Theory's Infinite Wardrobe. They provide dry-cleaned and ready to wear fresh wardrobe.

- After your staycation, you can opt to simply drop-off the items at the welcome desk at check-out or schedule a pick-up from your preferred address.

FROM OCT 26 till DEC 20

You can experience a staycation for two in St. Regis's Lady Astor Room with prices starting from S$529++. The package includes a welcome bottle of champagne, an afternoon tea session, an epieurean breakfast at Brasserie Les Saveurs.

An Approach for survival : Oasia Hotel Downtown Singapore >>>

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

- Hotel is offering staycation package with wellness.It is offering the Weekend-Together package starts from S$888++ for a three days 2 nights in the Clubroom.

- Package includes a four course dinner at OSO Ristorante and a highintensity interval training session at the pool with Aquaspin.

- Before checking out, indulge a wellness teatime experience at the Marmalade Pantry.

Hotel is designed by noted architecture firm WOHA, the 27-storey 314-room Oasia Hotel Downtown is a breath of fresh air and welcome greenery in Singapore's Central Business District.

An Approach for survival : Orchard Rendezvous Hotel Singapore >>>

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

- Hotel's blend of rich historical references and delightful botanical touches provides a welcome retreat for both business and leisure travellers.

- All the rooms have luxury of space for guests to relax and unwind after a long day of shopping.

- Rooms are ideal for families.

Package includes a picnic session at UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Singapore Botanical Gardens, with a complimentary basket of snacks. The package also includes a complimentary one-hour photoshoot session with local award-winning photography studio 'StudioPlay'.

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

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