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'The Uncomfortable'

April 2020

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

Uncomfortable means uneasy, awkward, uncommon........................

A Greek Designer Katerina Kamprani who designs everyday products has named her designs under the brand name 'The Uncomfortable'. According to her she had decided to break the rules and also to make people laugh. It is a good example of out of the box unconventional design.

She has almost designed 40 different unusual objects up till now. Some of her uncomfortable objects have been used for advertising campaigns. Her goal is to redesign useful objects making them uncomfortable but usable and retain the semiotics of the original object.

According to Katerina, though these designs are unusual but they maintain their utility. Katerina wanted to become a designer but due to economic crises in Greece, It was very difficult. Essentially, this is an expression of her economic situation. Among many objects, watering can, rain boots, fork with chain are very popular.

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

She also conducts workshops to share ideas to design unconventional products. Workshop participants are of the opinion that after attending the workshop, their way of looking at objects became humorous. Participants also feel that idea is very entertaining.

Katerina Kamprani's goal is "to deconstruct the invisible design language of simple everyday objects and tweak their fundamental properties" in order to surprise and challenge observers.

Cognitive Online Teaching Techniques

"Pictures and shapes are secondary objects that please or displease. Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects."

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