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Resolution - A trend or commitment

January 2020

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Resolution means power of holding firm. It is commonly used by people to express specific intention. It can be well explained as self examination which brings change in self and later may become an inspiration tool for others. Essentially people make resolutions as a new year begins. According to them new year will fulfil their dreams, goals and many more.

In general, young people, meaning age group of 18-24, are keen to make resolution as compare to other age groups. Some people are of the opinion that resolution is a bucket list made by people at different points of time. Some people take their resolution to do list, very seriously and others abandon them after a short period of time.


As mentioned above resolution is a promise to yourself, people think New Year is a right time to make resolutions. The Babylonians started the concept of New Year celebrations and made a ritual of making promises to god, to return anything they had borrowed and repay their debts. If they did not return as promised, they would fall out of favour with god.

The modern expression of New Year resolution appeared first time in Boston newspaper in 1813. From there, resolution has become a scientific approach. People view it as a course of action to achieve their realistic goals. People think that New Year is an appealing time to make resolution because it is a symbol of new beginning.


According to ComRes poll, most common Resolutions include:

Exercise more, Lose weight, Eat healthy food, Take a more active approach to health , Learn new skill or hobby, Spend more time on personal wellbeing , Spend more time with family and friends , Drink less alcohol, Stop smoking

Following are some of the resolutions taken by Americans in 2020:

Trying something new , Eat favourite foods , Lose weight/diet , Go to the gym, Be happier/better mental health , Be healthier , Be a better person , Apply Upgraded technology , Staying motivated, Manage finance better, Learn new skill, eat healthy food, Improve social connection, Be eco friendly etc. Among all American participants, around 50% of people have made resolution that they will manage finance better and eat healthy.

According to psychologists, resolution is a self goal or oath with an actionable plan. One can make resolution anytime; only remember to take one step at a time. When you want to achieve something, you need to delete some words from your dictionary- like perfection, negativity, egoism

Psychologist Schuster stated, regularity is more important than duration and intensity. Your intention should be reasonable and sensible with positive approach. Positivity strengthens the actionable plan and provides accountability. Primarily, the focus should be on achieving success. When you embark on a journey, involve or share with your family and friends. Researchers believe that making resolutions is good, as it brings clarity and focus to the mind towards achieving goals. Hence Resolution is a commitment not a trend, as it helps you to bring change in your life. Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur said - Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.


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