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Basically, geometric shapes emphasize on thinking and observation. It is observed that people have drawn conclusions based on their experiences. Every object around us whether manmade or otherwise has a unique shape that has its own impact. We use objects of different shapes in our day to day life. There is a psychological view behind this approach. Have you ever given a thought on this aspect? Each shape around us impacts our mind, behavior and action. Shapes represent moods, feelings, ideas, concepts In order to draw any shape we draw lines. Each line plays an important role and every line in a shape leads to a thinking process.

Rectangle or Square – These two shapes points towards stability, reliability, perfection, security and strength.

Square and Rectangle shapes Signifies “Do the things right Even if it takes time”

Circle – This shape denotes unity and association. Sun, moon and earth are good examples of the circular shape. It indicates kindness and caring. In the Chinese culture, circle shape means fulfillment, perfection, oneness and unity.

Circle shape Signifies “connect and closeness.”

Triangle - This shape represents competitiveness, confidence and decision making. It enables you to take a decision in order to minimize risk.

Triangle shape Signifies “Take Decision regardless of the consequences.”

Curve – Curve This shape represents a casual behavior. As per a psychology study, curve shapes affect our feelings and reflect our preferences. Some researchers have cited it as a symbol of innovation.

Curve shape Signifies “Perform things differently.”

Hexagon - This shape points to harmony. This symbol relates to dedication, success and growth.

Hexagonal shape Signifies “Hardwork and Perfection that gives remarkable output.”

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