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When you think of CHEWING-GUM, it gives an image of sticky and rubbery sweet tablet. Most of us have tasted it or are chewing while reading this article. Do you know, there are some benefits associated with chewing-gum? When you chew gum, it’s an exercise for the face. Another benefit is, it keeps your breath fresh and also whitens teeth.

Today work and study both require the use of digital media, where you need continuous response and focus. A research study by Kate Morgan, states that chewing-gum can potentially increase concentration. Kate took 38 participants for the study. These participants were divided in two groups. During a test, first group was allowed to chew gum and the other group did not. An audio task of 30 minutes was played for both the groups. After completion of the task, questions were asked from both the groups. Result showed that first group (chew-gum) performed better than the second group (did not chew gum). Memory of the first group was much sharper and responded faster than the second group. Kate’s study concludes that concentration and memory improves for a longer period of time by chewing gum.

If you are travelling to Singapore, Please note- Chewing gum is an offense. First prime minister of Singapore, LEE KUAN was perfectionist and considered chewing gum as a threat to the country’s tidiness. The law was imposed in 1992, to deal with the careless disposal of used chewing gum from the public areas like cinemas, trains, housing states, public parks Therefore, in Singapore buying, selling or carrying chewing gum is punishable offense with fine of upto $100,000 alongwith two years imprisonment. Since 2004, therapeutic chewing gum and nicotine gum for dental is allowed with medical prescription by professional.

Though people do have different opinions, some researchers concluded, chewing-gum keeps you focused and alive during the task. If you want to increase your memory for a longer period of time, you may ‘CHEW GUM’. Also remember, after use, it should be thrown in a bin after wrapping it in a piece of paper.

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